Special Needs Dentistry

At Feliciana Dental, we believe everyone deserves caring and high-quality dental care. Our Baton Rouge dental practice is a safe place for every individual; we will never judge you or your family. We look to accommodate patients who may need extra care and welcome them to the Feliciana Dental Community with open arms. We cater to families in or near the St. Francisville, LA area. 

Each patient gets individualized care; catered to their unique needs. In some cases, patients with special needs require a little more time and patience when receiving dental care. Our dental staff is trained to accommodate a wide range of patients with personalized care that meets their unique needs

Everyone is Welcomed to The Feliciana Dental Community

Our state-of-the-art dental office is accessible to all patients, including those who may have disabilities. Getting quality dental care in a caring setting shouldn’t be restricted. The Feliciana Dental experience is for everyone. We always welcome our patients to share if we can make their experience even more comfortable.

If you’re searching for a special needs dentist, Feliciana Dental is ready to welcome you and your family. We welcome new patients with open hearts. Contact us to schedule an appointment or to learn more.