Patients With Disability

Patients with disabilities are not only accommodated at Feliciana Dental, we welcome them with open arms. We collaboratively work with the patient and family if needed to offer exceptional dental care. We serve families located in the following Louisiana areas: St. Francisville, New Roads, West Feliciana Parish, East Feliciana Parish, or Clinton.  

Our special needs dentistry services are offered to patients who need further assistance. We know that healthy oral hygiene practices are hard to perform at home for some individuals that have disabilities. Because of this, it is even more vital to have consistent professional dental care. 

One size fits all does not exist at Feliciana Dental. We provide individualized care and of course, that extends to our patients with disabilities. Our trustworthy dental staff is dedicated to providing a true comfort experience. We will address any concerns that you may have, including physical and behavioral concerns. If sedation dentistry is a viable option, we can also discuss it further. 

Feliciana Dental is experienced in serving patients with disabilities. Our doors are open to everyone because we believe everyone deserves quality and caring dental care. Contact us for further information or to schedule an appointment.