dental phobia

Throughout our many years of providing dental care, we have found that dental phobia and dental anxiety are some of the most common barriers to receiving dental care. While many may not get excited about going to the dentist’s office, some people are genuinely scared. At Feliciana Dental, we accommodate individuals with extreme dental phobia. 

Many individuals who suffer from dental phobia avoid the dentist completely. This leads to severe dental and oral health issues as time progresses. Regular cleanings and checkups are vital to maintaining a healthy smile. Forcing people to see the dentist is not an option and leads to further mental barriers. That is why the Feliciana Dental experience highly values comfort and care. 

Our Practice Treats Patients With Dental Phobia

One of the best solutions for easing dental anxiety and phobias is sedation dentistry. Sedation treatments allow the patient to relax and enter a state of feeling at ease. This allows our dental professionals to complete procedures and treatments swiftly. Our comfort amenities also ensure that our patients can find a way to relax while sitting in our dental chairs. Ultimately, our caring staff is really the ones who make our Feliciana Dental community feel at ease. Their nurturing care makes everyone feel a lot better about visiting the dentist’s office. 

If you or a family member suffers from dental phobia, it doesn’t mean they cannot be seen by a dentist. It’s all about finding the right dentist. We are confident that Feliciana Dental can be the right dentist for you. Contact us to further discuss options to combat dental phobia. We are located in St. Francisville, LA, and serve the surrounding areas.