When Is the Right Time for Dental Implants?

Dr. JACOB R. DIEBOLD,DDS explaining xrays to older female patient in feliciana dental patient room

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Deciding when to start the process for dental implants is a big health choice. Implants from Feliciana Dental are an excellent option for missing teeth, but what factors should you consider beyond just the fact that you lost teeth? Our implant dentists can help you decide if this restorative treatment is right for you! Below are some times when implants are a great step. 

Once Bones Are Fully Developed

If you’re a younger person who lost adult teeth, it’s important to wait until your jawbone has finished growing before getting dental implants. This is typically around the age 18 for women and 21 for men. Waiting ensures that your dental implants won’t be affected by changes in your jawbone’s structure. In other words, we want to wait until everything stops moving!

If you or your teen lost a permanent tooth but can’t get implants yet, Feliciana Dental offers other tooth replacement options. Modern, custom dentures can fill in gaps, as can dental bridges

After a Tooth Extraction

Sometimes, we’re the reason for your tooth loss. If our dentists decide that a tooth is too badly damaged or decayed to be saved, we’ll do the best thing for your oral and overall health: a tooth extraction. We don’t want decay or infection to spread to other teeth or affect the rest of your body. However, we also don’t want you to be missing teeth. Once you’ve healed from a tooth extraction, we can discuss dental implants as a replacement at our St. Francisville, LA, office. 

Before Lost Bone Density

Why don’t we want you to have gaps in your smile? Once a tooth is missing, your jawbone begins to deteriorate. Bone needs impact and stimulation to stay strong, so the longer you wait, the more bone loss can occur. This also jeopardizes your chance at implants, as you need enough bone density to support them. That’s why we advocate starting the process right away at Feliciana Dental. 

Following Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease makes it difficult for implants to fuse properly with your jaw and can interfere with the healing process. As a result, if you have painful, swollen gums, our implant dentists will focus on treating that before implantation. With our specialized deep dental cleanings, you can feel confident of a successful dental implant procedure.

When Worried About Premature Aging

Your teeth do more for your facial structure than you realize. Without a full set of teeth to provide fullness for your mouth, it can look shrunken. Plus, the bone loss that comes with lost teeth can make you look older, as a lack of a firm foundation makes wrinkles more prominent. Implants can provide a facelift effect, restoring your appearance. 

When Are Dental Implants Right for You?

The best time to get dental implants is up to each person. However, the scenarios above are often when Feliciana Dental recommends considering this step. At our St. Francisville, LA, dentist office, we go out of our way to ensure you feel empowered and informed about your health options. If you’re considering tooth replacements, set up an appointment now to get customized advice.

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