Being a full-service dental practice means being here for the Feliciana Dental community no matter the age and the stage in life. Dentures have been the preferred choice for replacing missing teeth for many years. With time there have been many advances to traditional dentures, but they remain a preferred option. We offer denture services as part of our restorative dentistry options. Our service areas include St. Francisville, New Roads, West/East Feliciana Parish, and Clinton, Louisiana. We also cater to our neighbors in Wilkinson County, Mississippi.

What are Dentures?

If you are not familiar with dentures, they are pretty easy to comprehend. They are prosthetic teeth that replace missing or damaged teeth. Dentures are made to fit perfectly over your gums and offer many of the same functionalities as natural teeth. Many of our patients prefer dentures to other restorative options because of their reliability. Denture costs can be a concern for many, but you’d be surprised to find out they can be an affordable option in many cases. 

Denture upkeep is highly stressed to our patients who decide on this option. We recommend that you remove your dentures and clean them daily. Not doing so causes bacteria to build up and ultimately deteriorates your perfect teeth. 

If you or a family member is looking for restorative dentistry options, Feliciana Dental will be more than happy to assist. Our expertly trained dentist will recommend denture options that are best for you. If you already have dentures, we can also help with any issues you may be facing. Contact our St. Francisville office to request an appointment.