A Scaredy Cat’s Tips for Getting Dental Implants

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Do all your dental visits go the same? Knees bouncing or hands fidgeting with anxiety, trying not to focus on the sterile smell or the sound of drills? You’re likely one of the millions of Americans suffering from a dental phobia. While typical, this fear isn’t minor. If you’ve lost teeth, your phobia might even be holding you back from the most promising treatment available: dental implants. At Feliciana Dental, we’ve put together advice for demystifying implants. With our St. Francisville dentist’s guidance, you can feel safe and prepared to restore your smile. 

Knowledge Helps Fight Fear 

Getting familiar with the dental implant process can make it feel more manageable, so feel free to schedule a consultation with us to find out more. We’re happy to just talk it out with you and help you see the implant path. Contrary to what your imagination might be picturing, implanting a new tooth is a very modern and well-mapped-out process. Having that road map to your new smile can make you feel more in control. Plus, when you know where you’re going, the journey is more exciting!

Learn What You Need to Know—No More or Less

Our dental team will explain every step in as much detail as you want. That includes during your treatment-planning stage as well as when we reach each step. If you have questions about the materials, the process, or the risks, we’re here to answer those. 

On the other hand, if knowing the details of the dental implant procedure makes you more anxious, let us know. We can tone down the technical talk and instead work on making you feel comfortable. You are in control of how in the know you want to be. We check in with you and adapt depending on how you’re feeling. 

Artificial Doesn’t Mean Unsafe

Your dental implant acts as a sturdy anchor for a false tooth. This new root replaces your missing tooth’s foundation. If the reason for your fear is having this artificial object in your body, you can breathe a sigh of relief—implants are made from biocompatible materials that your system will recognize as safe. Once the implant has fused with your bone, becoming part of your body, we can install your restoration, usually a custom dental crown. 

Kick Back During the Procedure

We know that’s easier said than done. That’s why Feliciana Dental offers sedation dentistry. Our office is equipped with nitrous oxide to gently take the edge off. Nitrous kicks in quickly and fades just as fast once you’re no longer inhaling it. This allows you to relax almost immediately without sacrificing the ability to drive home. 

Bring Backup 

The Cleveland Clinic estimates that 36% of Americans have a dental phobia, yet many are ashamed of it. You might feel tempted to act tough, too embarrassed to admit that you could use a loved one at your appointments. Don’t be. If you need your support system, even if it’s just a friend in the waiting room, bring them along to our St. Francisville office.

There’s Nothing to Be Afraid of with Dental Implants

Your fears and feelings are valid, but they shouldn’t hold you back from achieving the smile you deserve. With the proper preparation and our St. Francisville dentist team, what once seemed daunting can feel like a great adventure. Ready to take that first step? Contact Feliciana Dental today for your implant consultation.

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