Nitrous Oxide Sedation

We are certified nitrous oxide dentists located in St. Francisville, LA. Visiting your family dentist shouldn’t come with extreme levels of anxiety. Our nitrous oxide sedation option is great at combating dental anxiety and putting our patients at ease. Feliciana Dental believes that going to the dentist should be an easy and positive experience every time. 

Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is a mild sedative. Once inhaled, nitrous oxide has a calming effect on patients. When used properly it is completely safe and provides a sense of euphoria. Many of our patients prefer nitrous oxide over other forms of sedations because the effects are not long-lasting. Once you stop breathing in the gas, the effects leave your body in a matter of a few minutes. You are able to drive home safely at this time. 

Your Feliciana Dental experience can not only include nitrous sedation but it will include all of our comfort amenities and a caring dental staff. We want to give you a reason to overcome your dental anxiety. 

If you or a loved one needs dental care but going into a dental office is a mental challenge, nitrous oxide sedation may be the perfect solution. Contact our St. Francisville office to schedule an appointment.