Clear Braces

As part of our orthodontic treatment options, we offer clear braces at Feliciana Dental. Achieving a straighter smile doesn’t mean you have to deal with noticeable brackets in your mouth. Start your invisible braces consultation at our St. Francisville practice. 

Clear or invisible braces are less noticeable than traditional braces. Clear brackets are used instead of metal ones. Many adults avoid orthodontic treatments because they fear braces will be very noticeable. Clear braces could be perfect for these adults. But they are also a popular option for the teenagers in our Feliciana Dental community. 

Clear braces are great for treating mild to severe alignment and overlapping issues. The metal wires combined with ceramic or plastic brackets apply the appropriate pressure on your teeth to get them into the desired position. Our Feliciana Dental team will evaluate your current smile and provide the perfect recommendation for you based on their examination. Your entire experience will be filled with care and comfort. Getting the smile you dream of shouldn’t be stressful or annoying in any way. 

While clear braces are way less noticeable than their traditional brother, clear aligners offer an even more invisible look. Our dental professionals will make sure to cover all your options and allow you to make the best decision. 

Let’s get you the straighter smile you’ve been envisioning. Our dental practice in St. Francisville, LA, always welcomes new patients to the Feliciana Dental community. Contact us to schedule your next visit.