Wisdom Tooth Removal

The majority of Americans suffer from wisdom tooth pain or complications. Our last four molars (two on top, two on the bottom) are huge and cause difficulties in our mouths. In many cases, wisdom tooth removal is the best course of action. At Feliciana Dental, we perform gentle wisdom tooth extractions as part of our general dentistry services. 

Wisdom teeth are usually the last of our permanent natural teeth to show up, around the ages of 17-25. There are some individuals whose wisdom teeth come in without any issues and sprout perfectly. But it is more common to see them come in incorrectly. We have seen patients opt for wisdom teeth removal due to these final four molars growing in sideways, pushing other teeth, and impacting the gums. These complications are commonly accompanied by pesky wisdom tooth pain. It’s a pulsating pain that just won’t leave you alone. 

We will monitor wisdom teeth growth as part of your regular checkups. If at any point, our Feliciana Dental professionals feel that action needs to be taken to avoid future pain, we will notify you and discuss extraction options. Not treating wisdom tooth complications can lead to infections, sinus problems, and tooth misalignment. Maintaining a healthy smile is our top priority for the entire Feliciana Dental community. 

If you are experiencing wisdom teeth pain and need a dentist in the Baton Rouge area, Feliciana Dental is ready to hear from you. Whether it’s one or all four of your wisdom teeth, our dental professionals will provide gentle and effective care. Contact us