same day dentistry

There’s nothing worse than calling dentist after dentist and all of them telling you they can’t see you until two weeks from now. Of course, scheduling an appointment beforehand is ideal. But we know it’s not always possible; that is why we offer same-day dentistry services. Feliciana Dental has dedicated daily slots that are reserved for same day dentist appointments at our St. Francisville, LA office.  

Most same-day appointments are for emergencies like broken teeth or intense dental pain. In some of these cases, immediate treatment can avoid further complications. Our trained staff will act swiftly and conduct an emergency dental exam. While emergencies are prioritized for same-day appointments, same-day services are open to everyone.

See a Feliciana Dentist Today

Walk-in dentist offices can sometimes lack equipment and not offer an extensive list of services. At Feliciana Dental, you can count on a full-service practice. Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to give you the care you need with short notice. 

While same day appointments are not always feasible, we promise to do everything we can to get you into the office as soon as possible. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency or simply want to take advantage of a free day, Feliciana Dental is ready to help. Call us to check same day appointment availability.