When to Visit an Emergency Dentist

Dr. Diebold showing client dental imaging

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It is best to practice preventive dental care and regular check-ups so that you can avoid any unexpected visits to the dentist. However, there are times when a visit to the emergency dentist is necessary. If you experience any kind of pain or discomfort in your teeth, gums, or jaw then it’s important to get it checked out by a professional as soon as possible. 

Signs You Need an Emergency Dental Visit 

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, then it’s time to make a trip to the emergency dentist: 

  • Severe toothache- this could be caused by decay or infection and needs to be treated immediately. 
  • Swelling in your mouth or face- this could be a sign of an abscessed tooth and needs immediate medical attention. 
  • Broken or chipped teeth- this can cause severe pain and should be addressed right away. 
  • Bleeding gums- if your gums are bleeding for more than two days, then it’s time for a trip to the dentist. 
  • Loose teeth- if your teeth feel loose and wiggly then they may need to be reattached or extracted depending on the severity of the case. 

In some cases, the problem may not be urgent but still requires immediate attention like when you crack a crown or chip off part of your tooth enamel. In these cases, it is still best to seek treatment from your emergency dentist in St. Francisville, so that you can get back on track with your oral health as soon as possible. 

Accidents can happen at any time. While we would love to be able to plan for them, it’s impossible. What is possible is having a reliable emergency dentist. Feliciana Dental offers emergency dental services and same-day dentistry for our patients. Walk-ins are welcome. At your appointment, our Feliciana dental team will conduct an emergency exam and find the root cause of your pain. Depending on the findings of the exam, our dental staff will provide treatment options. Whether it’s an emergency tooth extraction or any other necessary procedure, our emergency dentist will work swiftly and precisely. 

Feliciana Dental is here for its community when it matters most. Trust us when dental emergencies arise. Contact us or call us at (225) 351-7389.

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